Every Optimum Fitness member has the opportunity to take advantage of a personal trainer.

You can choose between a one on one personal coach, or participate in a group session for added team support. Whether you’re looking to build up, or trim down, an individually designed program will be the basis for fun and effective workouts.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to get comfortable with our facilities, you may decide this is the answer for you.

We also welcome outside Personal Trainers and Sports Specialists to bring in their own clients, and use our facility for one-on-one training.

A personal trainer will:


  • Listen to your wants, needs and goals
  • Develop a program that fits into your lifestyle
  • Customize a program that is personalized and supervised every step of the way
  • Educate you on correct technique
  • Give you fitness tips and information on the latest research and technology
  • Guide you through beginner to advanced programs
  • Give you variety of programs to keep you motivated and prevent boredom
  • Support you in your efforts to improve the quality of your life
  • Be a source of information and provide resources through professional referrals